The mobile office is back. Lookout. Your neighborhood could be next.

Chair Chat Spring 2018.jpg

we are pleased to announce that So & So Studio has been invited to host a summer workshop at RE:EASA  2018, in Rijeka, Croatia. We couldn't be more excited to test our ideas and collaborate with Europe's up and coming Architects. More to come soon... Until then, please enjoy some of our entry diagrams. 


So & So has a lot on the horizon. KOZ Haus is currently at the top of our list.


Through the intersection of acoustics and form, we are currently exploring the three dimensional *infomodel of sound in space.


We use a wide range of technology to inform our approach to design limitations and precision


Finding balance through offsets and alignments. Here we study the composition of materials and light. Inside of balance, imbalanced objects can co-exist.