So & So Studio has surfaced as a natural response to a call for observation, research and understanding, proposition and soluble solutions to design challenges not before considered. So & So Studio is an anonymous design practice: a team of passionate friends who are driven by an antithesis.


As we continue to expand our architectural concepts through active projects, we also continue to critique the built and unbuilt environment around us. There is a playful nature to our approach to the world, as we found each other amongst our own frustration with the boring routine of the architectural communities in which we were raised. Our process is fun, iterative and at times inappropriate. Within our exercises, the outcome is but a beautiful by-product of the dedicated approach.


We take pride in considering and empowering the individuality of each project first, understanding its greater impact, then injecting it with playful, inventive strategies and exploration. Amidst our experiments, we seek to inspire the fellow artists around us, creating collaborative relationships in which we encompass cultural, ecological, economic and historical perspective.


Our work ranges in scale and focus from urban design through theoretical discourse, product design and art installations. No matter the scale or focus of each work, we desire and demand to connect today’s theory of architecture to the people that are surrounding it, as they seem continuously unaware of how to experience the poetry of space. There is a disconnect and a disbelief in design that we enjoy poking fun at as we foolishly embark on a journey to fix the delusioned relationship ourselves.


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