Mobile Office

As the digital realm continues to take over the metaphysical and now even the physical world, we like to joke; architecture is endangered. The spaces in which we are inhabiting are rapidly being overtaken by digital media. Advertising, communication, distractions and lies travel with us and greet us at our every destination. We imagine a not so distant future, where rooms are clad with screens on all surfaces, where physical architecture will have been withered to the lonely chair. 

It is with this conceptual understanding, So & So Studio has created their mobile office. With left-over legs picked up in Italy and Eames replica seats found in a dumpster in Berlin, So & So met to build their first piece of furniture; the last piece of architecture. 

The mobile office project is an exercise in freedom, with flexibility that results in scenery changes and choices. Yet it can also be seen as an analog demonstration of the future of simulation in everyday life. 

We choose to celebrate the chair as a tool for activation and attraction. In a digital world these chairs have proved to be a tool for engagement. There is a visual curiosity that engages the public as well as a physical one, which often prompts questions.


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