As a society we must remain open to walk on the road of technological advancements and at the same time pay close attention to the social effects of perpetual change. For this reason we have created the AMASS Institute.

Technological development is about transcending our boundaries as a civilization. Every day the pace of development rises to unprecedented levels. While there are obvious benefits to technological growth, the pressures placed on growing inequality is obvious, especially in American cities. A failure to recognize this could perpetuate the end of democratic liberties, as we know it. The productivity of automated systems is rendering more professions obsolete as new advancements increase. One of the nearest and most pressing opportunities is bound to take place with the advent of the Autonomous Vehicle, expected to replace millions of transportation and automotive industry workers, nationally and globally.

The AMASS Institute aims to create lasting value for the automation victims, by means of AV data collection, education and financial support. We want to utilize the data collected by AV to create a centralized database, within NYC that can organize and distribute real-time information accordingly. We think it is time we start more self-sustaining economic systems.

To achieve this model, we are balancing two major effects the AV will bring: rising unemployment in the relevant sectors & the explosion of data from the AV sensors. Creating a digital architecture that would harness these effects to create value for the city and each other would result in long lasting economic subsidy while creating value for this new industry. Focusing on three pillars; Data Interpretation, Retraining Programs and Basic Income, we plan to make this approach a reality, quickly.

With government support, and commercial licensing fees this institution can be a model for how states intervene to maintain economic & social equality for the future while adding value to the existing and new markets. Basic Income is widely accepted as the model for the future of work, but more experimentation is necessary to understand the social effects and benefits. This program will provide its trainees a basic income they will receive during their time at the Institute. Economists will therefore able to see the social conditions data of the sub-group.

For social equality, added value for the industry and experimentation for a new


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