As the realities of climate change are only beginning to show their potential impact, the political world remains paralyzed by its internal drama and financial stability floats further away from western society, where do we go from here? How should we consider our built environment? What are the order of priorities we should place on our dreams?

A serious challenge arises, as an opportunity to provide design services for residents who view architecture and design as a tool for minimizing their carbon footprint, enhancing their environment, daily routines, production, and overall quality of life. We at So & So Studio understand, with great certainty, that resources are nothing to waste, but rather an opportunity to make the most of. More often than not, in each of our projects we are asking the most cost effective materials to achieve the highest level of function while defining their own elegance.

We believe the act of designing is less practiced as an act of commerce than it is pursued as a way of thinking and approaching challenges. We look forward to creating a unique, functional space in which a small family can live and grow together.


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