At this year’s European Architecture Students Assembly [EASA], So & So Studio has hosted a workshop, entitled re:MAP. The workshop challenged its 25 participants to wander / identify / document / connect / activate “overlooked and underutilized” spaces, within the city of Rijeka, Croatia. The result has blanketed the city with more than 45 spatial “nodes”. These “nodes” were created in an effort to graphically communicate with the citizens and visitors of Rijeka regarding the hidden potential of programmatic function, behavioural activity and spatial usages of public space which have been declared overlooked by the workshop’s participants.

During their first week-long exploration and analysis of the city, participants of So & So Studio’s re:MAP workshop were partitioned into four groups. Zoned by district, functional type and intervention color,  they were then given the opportunity to develop their own collective, layered map using analog drawing and collaging techniques as part of their larger intervention studies. In the second part of their 14-day-workshop, using only paint, the participants were challenged to create a dialog with residents of the city and activate the potential of their documented spaces by collaging their ideas on to the city of Rijeka.

re:MAP is an urban experiment with an end goal of sparking curiosity and revealing new ways in which the citizens of Rijeka view and interact with their own public spaces.

Participants: Alessandra Mencancini, Anna Shishkina, Anna Eglite Sørensen, Cody Swanson, Dániel Győrfi, David Henderson, Egil Kahlbom, Elisabeth Sandel, Elena Demarco, Emma Anzolin, Gintare Petkeviciute, Giorgi Chinchaladze, Ivan Plamenov, Maria Savova, Orest Yaremchuk, Ralitsa Kirilova, Sophie Reiffenstuhl, Szimonetta Bódi, Tomiris Kupzhassarova, Úlfur Bragi Einarsson, Vlad Afanasiev, Yana Buchatska

Photos by: So & So Studio, Orest Yaremchuk, Dániel Győrfi, Alexandra Kononchenko

Process Collaging


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D


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