In their current body of work, Ripped Off, So & So explores the excavation and reduction of space using residual materials: found and ripped off the streets of Berlin, Germany.

Jorge Luis Borges, in 1985, claims: “Space, according to the idealists, does not exist in and of itself: it is a mental phenomenon, like pain, fear, and vision, and being part of consciousness, it may in no way be said that consciousness is situated in space.”

This proposal explores the studios use of collage as an intuitive exploration to each project, whether the result is built architectural space, eventually realized, or just the visualization of perceived space. Within the recording of time, space, as it is recognized in consciousness, is the artifact and evidence of moments which exist in the present. As architects, it is our responsibility to realize space in every facet of the word. 

Through collage, So & So continuously utilizes the instantaneous results of perceived space. It is within this result where the So & So consciousness of space becomes the viewer’s perceived time. Posters from the past are taken from the streets to feed an intuitive spatial creation and understanding of the architectural future. The viewer will experience a current reality, that is a present state of a layered past. A past that was once advertising for the future, but now draws the viewer into a new spatial dimension of a hopeful future.


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